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  • Untagged WAV/MP3
  • Sell up to 5,000 units
  • Use for iTunes, Spotify, Streaming, etc
  • Limited to 500,000 streams
  • Non-exclusive
  • Untagged WAV/MP3/Trackouts
  • Sell up to 10,000 units
  • Use for iTunes, Spotify, Streaming, etc
  • Limited to 1,000,000 streams
  • Non-exclusive
  • Untagged WAV/MP3/Trackouts
  • Sell Unlimited units
  • Use for iTunes, Spotify, Streaming, etc
  • Unlimited streams
  • Non-exclusive
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New Music Every 2 Weeks
17:00 CET
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Looking for more than beats?

Music For Media & Film
If you need compositions for a trailer, film, TV, commercial, YouTube video, etc. You can license my media music on my official AudioJungle profile.
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Piano Loops Kits
Problems with making piano samples? No worries, we offer over 160+ custom made piano samples in 2 sound kits all composed and produced by Jurrivh.
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Sheet Music
If you are playing piano and would like to learn my Piano Compositions, you can purchase Sheet Music together with the MIDI files here.
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How Music Changed My Life

Learn about the guy behind the keys

about_meBack in high school (2009-2015) I was never a guy with many words. Since I found it hard to express myself in words, it was hard for me to connect with other people. When my dad got us a free piano I instantly fell in love with this instrument. With a piano I could express my darkest thoughts, feelings and emotions. It felt like I finally found something that understood me.
This is why I choose to share emotional music with you. In today’s society where most of us are spending around 5 hours a day on our smartphones, it is hard to find people who are willing to connect with you on an emotional level. Not everybody has a family member, partner or a close friend friend who is able to give you this mental support. I hope my music can help you with this.

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Hi! I’m currently traveling in India until the 5th of September and won’t be able to check up on my email ( often. Please read the FAQ for general questions. If your inquiry needs urgent attention, please send an email to Usually it takes me a few days to respond. Thank you for understanding and I wish you a great summer!